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  • cbrooks97

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    The numbers lie almost as much as the media does.

    “Mass shootings” is two different things. The technical definition is a shooting in which, iirc, more than three people are shot, not counting the shooter. So when a gang banger kills four members of a rival gang, when a thug kills his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and anyone else who might be at her grandma’s house when he does it, and school shootings all fall under the term.

    Let’s call school shootings, church shootings, movie theater shootings, things like that, for the moment, shooting sprees. These are events where someone decides to kill a bunch of strangers. These events are, statistically, pretty darn rare. Are they more common here than in other countries? Well, that’s not as cut and dried as the media would have you think. And for all they’re relatively easy to pull off with guns in the US, other countries have had them with bans, bombs, and poison gas as well as with guns. And that’s in countries where guns are hard to get.

    There is no one-size fits all solution to “gun violence” but it’s made up of different things. Most gun deaths in the US are due to suicide, which has very different causes than gun crimes. Deal with what’s prompted middle-aged white men to shoot themselves and you’ve dropped our gun death rate dramatically.

    Inner city crime is different than suicides and shooting sprees. You’ve got to attack that differently. Shooting sprees are different than drug deals gone bad. Some of them are emotionally disturbed individuals, some of them are nutters for some cause. You can’t deal with both of those things the same way.

    If we could do three things, we’d drastically change the gun narrative in this country. First, change how we approach drugs. We’ve created the war in the inner cities by creating a black market. Something’s got to give.

    Second, deal with the mental health crisis that’s prompting all the suicides. As Japanese suicide rates show, you don’t need guns to commit suicide. We need to deal with the causes, not the method.

    Third, we need to stop allowing people to create shooting galleries for crazies. “Gun free zones” just attract the bad guys. They rarely shoot up non-GFZs, and when they do they usually get shot pretty quickly (like that church a few weeks ago in Texas). Statistics show the number of casualties goes way down if civilians can respond rather than waiting for the police to show.