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  • TheMysticChaos

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    We need to focus on why the trigger is pulled not the trigger itself, if we don’t focus on why, nothing will change access to guns or not.

    If we actually want to change gun violence we have to:

    – Change our healthcare system, provide mental health care to the people who need it.

    – Change our prison system, the recidivism and racial inequality breeds more violence and crime.

    – Decriminalize marijuana, and most ‘harmless’ drugs (shrooms, lcd and such) it only makes nonviolent offenders violent.

    – Revamp our school counselor programs to focus on mental health and get more counselors.

    – Reinvest in communities and their education, expecially in high crime areas. People who have the ability to make money and provide for their families tend to lead more productive lives.

    – Offer hunters saftey in high schools, so that young adults have the basic understanding of how guns operate. When they are exposed to them in adulthood they know how to handle them safely and responsibly.

    Why are we hedging a bet that guns could be the easy solve, when the underlying issues are still there and instead fix the core problems.

    When a society breaks down like this to the point where people feel like dealing with their frustrations by murdering people it’s not just one reason. If we continue on this course things will only get worse. We need drastic change of strategy.

    I have a feeling most don’t want to solve the problem because that includes too much change of the status quo. No short term gains, no political clout. While others just want to ban guns to piss off the ‘other side’.

    Now reguarding mass shootings.

    With mass shootings specifically, there is a thing called [The Contagion effect]( basically it’s an effect that when something is broadcast broadly copycats happen

    This is why I think there were no school mass shootings after 9/11 until 2005. Because the media was fixated on Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Based off [This USA Today opinion peice](

    > By March 2001, revered newsman Dan Rather declared school shootings a national epidemic. Months later, just as the new school year had begun, something even more terrifying occurred: the September 11th attack on America. Immediately, the focus turned to this new threat to our safety and security. Americans’ fears centered on terror from abroad, not from within school settings. Remarkably, there wasn’t another multiple-victim K-12 school shooting for four years.

    I think media needs to treat mass shootings like suicide and serial killers, and skirt around the issue. Do not glorify the act. Report on the shootings like how the most recent shooting in texas. Praise the heros and victims and let the scumbag die in anonymity.

    The people who do mass shootings idolized the people that did it before and see it as some sick twisted version of fame. Deny them the glory.