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  • cb5002

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    Agree with the other comments so far, and wanted to add that anytime gun control advocates discuss “compromise” they are refusing to see the issue from pro-gun point of view.

    Pro-gun advocates feel they have already surrendered rights, to a minimal or negligible effect, and are now being asked to surrender more.

    If you had a ham sandwich, and a guy came up to you and took half your sandwich, and then said “let’s compromise I want half your remaining sandwich” , would you agree? I wouldn’t, that’s not compromise. This is what gun control advocates are are essentially saying to pro-gun advocates.

    While many pro-gun advocates will not be willing to compromise any further as many see any law as an infringement, if the gun-control folks started offering up things like national concealed carry reciprocity and easier access to suppressors, that would at least start a conversation and show that they know what compromise actually is.

    Likelihood of any of that happening: 0.000001%