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  • h16h

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    The gun control campaign is primarily driven by mass shootings. There are other types of gun violence, sure, but we can probably agree the national conversations spark after these events and not a gang related shooting or some depressed person that took their own life.

    Mass shootings, while tragic and heartbreaking, are very rare compared to our population and the number of guns in circulation.
    When they occur, they are highly dramatized, the MSM turns it into a week long soap opera: Trying to get in the mind of the psychotic asshole and understand why he did it. When there’s no answer to be found, because there is never a good answer for such heinous acts, the attention turns to the Inanimate object and all blame is removed from the person. It’s now all about the ‘big black rifle’, why anyone would they need it because clearly it’s only useful for mass shootings.

    Ok, now that we have some context, how do you mitigate the low number of mass shootings?

    – harden soft targets, most of these events occur in a gun free zone. Why? Cause it gives the asshole a long time to kill before someone arrives to shoot back.

    – fix existing back ground check systems, the issue is not there are no checks, the issue is the data behind them sucks, is often late and never entered into the database in the first place

    – change focus to the mental health crisis in America. I’m not a mental health expert so no tangible ideas off the top of my head, but it seems we only care about ppl when they’re dead, not while they are struggling alive. How convenient

    – address isolation and bullying in schools, see mental health

    – harden soft targets, we protect our banks, airports and politicians with guns, why are we and our children worth any less?