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  • Ajzdro

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    Ramifications of mass shootings: you mean the emotional fear the media has falsely but intentionally market devoid of statistics and facts.

    Fervent anger from both sides: you mean the anger from one side blaming the tool used and not the person and refusing to identify and address causes shooting AND the side who wants accountability, enforcement of current laws, and not wanted to be stepped on and lose a right that protects all the other rights

    Interested in a solution: we all can agree to that. But to what problem. Statistically, mass shootings are irrelevant, but the media has supported the agenda and has made so. If all the energy and effort and dollars put forth to demonize the tool and lawful owners were put forth on education, awareness, identification, pretreatment, enforcement of potential mass killers with guns; the frequency may be reduced.

    But one side doesn’t want a solution because it’s actions do nothing but promote the vicious cycle that feed the fears and feed their supporters mob mentality, the problem…. while not addressing the real issues. (open borders, no Accountability, enforcement of current laws and penalties, no reform, demonizing of conservative values (do not read as Christian or republican values) focusing on emotion instead of facts.

    Full disclosure: TL;DR, YMMV, IMHO