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  • mrsc00b

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    Get rid of gun free zones, open up NICS without mandatory background checks to the public via mobile app for private sellers, ban sensationalizing mass shooters in the media. Those are about the only things that can be done to lower firearm violence by 1:) stopping a shooter, 2:) further cutting down on the chances of a prohibited user from buying a gun, 3:) remove the fame these people seem to seek. Ever notice they always leave a manifesto? Don’t mention it in the media. Don’t let the shooter have a platform.

    It will still happen occassionally because evil people are evil and if a guy wants a gun, he will still be able to get one through illegal means be it via theft, illegal dealers, etc. It is the same situation as the war on drugs except further regulation only effects the law abiding gun owners.

    That being said, even if you could magically make guns disappear, people will still commit mass violence.

    Many people like to compare, with skewed statistics, the “gun problem” in the US with other countries so I’ll throw a comparison out there. Have you seen, in the US media, any coverage of the bombing issue in Sweden over the last couple of years? You really should look up how they are having issues with over 100 planted bombs exploding in 2019. Evil and violence will always exist because there is always another method to commit mass hysteria.

    Our media focuses on guns to make it a hot button issue when there is no gun problem. There is, and there always will be, a people problem.