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  • SchluterMcLovin

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    This is a great question.

    It’s really interesting that something that has statistically decreased over the last few decades has become a hot topic. With (literally) the bulk of gun related deaths being suicide, and being committed with handguns (imagine logistics of trying to shoot yourself in the head with a long gun…) We are trying to demonize “assault rifles”. Suicide and assault rifles probably never used together, from this perspective (statistical guess on my part).

    The argument has become a hot topic for politics, especially many left leaning candidates (I know, and don’t believe in absolute left or right in this statement…) Democratic debate sounded like a “I’ll do you one better” competition on who would (unconstitutionally) come down harder, faster or stronger on gun control policy if they were president. All to get “attention” from their prospective voters.

    Meanwhile, the other 75% of the country is watching and saying”WTF?”. When Obama Campaigned, he over used the expression “Affordable healthcare” to attract voters. Others have promised “no new taxes”. It’s all marketing for vote numbers.

    In this case, you are truly messing with the rights of law abiding citizens. Virginia proved last week that you have a very large mixed race/gender/lifestyle segment who understand some things that might not stand out to a younger audience. But that Old crowd of mostly”boomers” know something you don’t. Something that will come to you in time, and only through life experience.

    Hope this has value towards your question.