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  • JustMeAgainMarge

    January 26, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    Why are you ONLY interested in firearm deaths? Why ONLY gun violence? Why ONLY “mass” shootings, when they aren’t even a tenth of a percent? Why isn’t the focus on all violence, no matter the means?

    I’ll tell you why. Its because that doesn’t fit the true agenda. They don’t care that Doctors’ mistakes kill 10 times the people that guns do every year. They don’t care how many die. They want all guns. Guns can be used to resist, and they don’t want that.

    If they truly wanted to work on finding a solution to violence and self harm, we would be on board. But they don’t. They can’t explain why Urban areas with far more gun control and fewer guns have far more gun deaths per capita than rural areas with lax gun laws. Rural areas where guns are exponentially more numerous.

    The statistics don’t show we have a gun problem. We have economic equality problems, we have violence problems, we have racial problems (both racial hate and cultural misunderstandings), we have political problems, and the list goes on. But no, we don’t have a gun problem.

    If you are truly trying to learn, and not push your agenda or troll, then research and ask yourself why the firearm homicide rate doesn’t match the firearm ownership rate. See where the greatest number if guns are, and compare that to where the greatest number of firearm deaths are.

    Then remove firearms from the equation. Look at the rate of violence per capita and see where it is highest. Now go look at economic studies and compare economic status to rates of violence. Compare economic studies to rates of mental illness.

    Go look at the research in an unbiased way and see what you find.