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  • William Johnson

    February 23, 2020 at 4:38 am

    Its all hype to sell new guns and ammo. Actually belted brass can and is manufactured to a tighter "headspace" tolerance than non-belted. Just like when the WSM came out all the talk about smooth feed with no belt, how come so many including Winchester had to modify even their pushfeed 70 to work with it, no advantage at all, just new. Headspace depends on proper chamber dimension and cartridge dimension, works easier with the belt. All it is is a .308 Norma with the case body extended at the same diameter as the belt, yes it gives very slightly more capacity all else being equal. Given the same action , barrel, stock, scope and workmanship there are at least a half dozen cartridges that will do the same thing all the way out to a mile.

    Now some things changed for the better over the years, most new cartridges have either a 30 or 35 degree shoulder but many have necks too short for proper reloading. The neck needs to extend past the line along the shoulder at the far side of the neck intersection. also at least a 1 caliber neck gives some leeway in seating a variety of bullets to the same ogive land relationship which certainly has to do with accuracy. When a bullet maker designs a cartridge along with chambers they can optimize this relationship. Awww just go have fun!!!!!!!