Four Surefire Bass Fishing Disasters

There are numerous things that can go wrong make when bass fishing, but I’ll keep it short, for your times sake! So here they are…

“Four surefire Bass Fishing Disasters”…

Bass Fishing Disaster # 1: *Fishing without patience*

This has gotta be the biggest mistake I see people make. Fishing can’t be rushed, especially bass fishing, just toss your line out and let it sit there where it lands, and wait 30 seconds and more!

Bass Fishing Disaster # 2: *Letting your bait sit*

When you toss your bait into the water stir up some commotion! * Don’t reel * but JERK , SNAP, and WAVE your fishing pole, make some vibrations in the water….whatever you do don’t just let it sit there!

Bass Fishing Disaster # 3: *Fishing a dead spot for too long*

If you have no luck…Keep it movin!

I doesn’t matter how many fish you caught or what you heard about any given spot.

*Good Rule*: No luck within 15 – 20 minutes… Move to a different spot, there’s nothing there, not today at least.

Bass Fishing Disaster # 4: *Losing your focus*

This ones obvious, but it’s very easy to forget about…

Fishing IS supposed to be a relaxing sport and hobby but you still need to focus on what your doing some what. I tend to fish best when I first start the day, because I’m excited to be out on the water fishing!

….But after a few hours I’ll get relaxed maybe even tired. Either way I’ll then lose my FOCUS if I don’t constantly remind myself.

If you can remember to…

-1. fish where bass hangout!

-2. jiggle your bait!

-3. constantly change your lures with no luck!

-4. and leave any dead spots!

… you should be just fine!

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