Garmin GPS Dog Tracking System For Coyote Hunting

Are you tired of taking your coyote running hounds out hunting in the morning and still looking for them at eight oclock that night or even getting up early the next morning to look for them. You have tracking collars on them but you are only able to know there general location . With the Garmin tracking collars you know exactly where they are. I wonder if my dog is stuck in a fence? What if my dog is heading for the creek and could fall through the ice if I do not get him turned in a different direction. With the traditional tracking collars these were always questions in the back of your mind. Have you ever thought about a Garmin Tracking System?

My husband is an avid coyote hunter (as well as about any kind of hunting). What men do to get out of the house. We own ten hounds that he hunts on a regular basis and has for years. He has always had the traditional tracking systems in the past. He now owns the Garmin GPS tracking system. The gps tracking system has made hunting much easier and less stressful as well as it has saved us in gas money since he does not have to drive around so much looking for his dogs. That is definitely an advantage with the price of gas now. If he goes out in the morning and knows he has to get his dog caught by a certain time if he has somewhere to be, the gps tracking system is able to give him the information he needs to do that. He is able to know how close to the road the dog is and in which direction the dog is heading and in which direction he needs to go to cut the dog off at the road to catch it or to deter it away from a busy road. The system is very beneficial when he is training new pups. He is able to tell if the pups are staying with the older dogs and hunting or if they are going off on there own. Keep in mind also, the system holds up to ten dogs so you can put your buddies dogs on your system so you can help keep track of them as well.

A fellow hunter lost two young dogs in the creek last year that traveled quite a distance from the other dogs because they went off by themselves on a different track. With the tracking system you could have seen that the two dogs were heading to the ice covered creek because the creek shows up on the handheld. If a dog gets caught in a fence, it will show on the handheld that they have not moved for a period of time which is an indication that something is wrong. This is another benefit of the gps tracking system.

He has found that with the garmin gps tracking system, he is able to let the dogs out to exercise them outside of the hunting season so they stay in shape. When it is hot and dry out it is too hard on the dogs and there feet to stay out very long therefore, he can catch them easier after a shorter period of time because like any other dog they would rather be out than in a pen. The only thing he recommends is to charge your collars after every hunt and to cut the long ends off of the collars so in the winter they do not form an ice ball on the end of the collar keeping the buckle from being undone. I started my website because he is so excited as well as his fellow hunters with the Garmin Tracking System. I am sure with a product by Garmin they will just continue to improve the system. Also be sure to get the magnetic antenna that mounts on your vehicle. Keep in mind, this is just an article about using the system for coyote hunting but there are many uses for the tracking system.

P.S. Your wife will appreciate you being home for dinner at five or six instead of ten or eleven.

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