Get Set With Your Lures And Fishing Bait With Some Exciting Trout Fishing In Argentina!

If you have experienced some of the exciting fly fishing and trout fishing expeditions in various common fishing sites in the US, its time that you explore some destinations in Argentina/Chile region. By trout fishing in Argentina, an angler will visit a land captured by the snow capped Andes Mountains and also get a rare chance to travel through the history of people shaped by the beauty of the surrounding land. In this enchanted land of tall mountains and lush forests, wild Atlantic salmon and trophy sized trout fish are there in abundance, before you pick them up with your lures and fishing bait (s). Its almost guaranteed that an angler who has started the practice will never abandon it. Most importantly, if you are trout fishing in Argentina/Chile, the temptation of luring fishes together with the spectacular scenery that surrounds will be an out-of-the-world experience for you.

As for the season, Trout fishing in Argentina and Chile runs from November through April. During summer months, the weather usually tends to be very moderate, with long, sunny days and plentiful of salmons and trout fish. While brown, rainbow, and brook trout fishes are abundant throughout this time of year (with the average size being18-21 inches), angler (s) can explore spectacular fishing destinations like Alto Puelo Lodge, the Rio Yelcho in Chile and Alerces Park in Argentina. All these are very good fly fishing destinations for trout, coupled with breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings. As for the trout’s, the fishes are to be found in a great deal of diversified waters, starting from rivers and lakes to spring creeks. Moreover, if an angler delves into the history of trout fishing in this region, he/she will find that wild spawning trout used to be caught in fish traps and utilized for reproducing. After that, the ones of the highest quality are returned to the Argentina waters.

If you want to take your lures and fishing bait along with you in some scarcely populated trout fishing areas in Argentina/Chile, you should definitely choose Villa La Angostura, made up of spectacular lakes, located in the northern part of Nahuel Huapi Lake. An interesting fact to be mentioned here is that the Correntoso river, which is said to be the shortest in the world, joins Correntoso Lake in Villa La Angostura, housing some of the world’s most famous trout fish in terms of both size and quality. Besides, the pristine and unpolluted waters in the mouth of El Correntoso river houses some of the most spectacular samples of trouts to be found anywhere in the continent. Routinely, samples of about 20 pounds are to be obtained, usually in the season starting from Mid November to end mid April. Other than that, give your lures and fishing bait (s) some chance to explore trout fishes of Neuquen in Argentina, most often called “the dream of fishermen”. Offering trout fishers a privileged fishing destination, Neuquen holds some of the most exciting sites for fishing trout in the world, in particular the area called 3 mouths. Many streams feed it along its way, thus making it plentiful, and also offering ideal conditions for spinning and flycasting. In its last section, the river offers very favorable conditions for angler (s), with very large rainbow trouts and patagonic pejerrey.

Again, an avid angler with a fishing bait in Rio Pico, Argentina, is bound to forget the world. To sum up, with all the lakes surrounding this area, including Lake Vinter where Corcovado river is born, Lake Gaucho, Lake Enganio, Lake Berta Superior and Berta inferior – Rio Pico in Argentina acts as the Mecca for fly fishing trout. Along with all sort of salmonidae, brown trouts and rainbow trouts are abundant in this region. What’s more, depending on the season, it is feasible to fish one variety a day, regardless of the size of the fish.

However, an angler must remember here that fishing in certain rivers here has been restricted for preservation purposes, like in Arroyo Seco Hondo.

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