Going Out With The Perfect Bass Fishing Gear

One of the most important aspects of bass fishing is obviously finding the right bass fishing gear for wherever you’ll be hunting those lunkers. Some bass fishing gear is necessary pretty much no matter where you’re fishing, while other bass fishing gear will depend on your specific situation, place, and preferred techniques.

No matter where you’re heading to, some bass fishing gear you’ll need includes a minimum of two identical rod and reel combos. This allows for easy replacement if something goes wrong with a rod or reel, and everything is interchangeable. There are two ways to go with the test line: one is to have all the bass fishing gear interchangeable, meaning both reels will have the same pound test line, and the other way is to have one reel with a heavier line to cast heavier lures, while another rod has a lighter test line for lighter lures. Don’t take the terms “lighter” and “heavier” too far. With most bass fishing gear 10# test line and 16# test line, for example, will do just fine. You don’t want really weak line, or bulky stuff meant for muskies.

The best tackle box is medium sized. Huge tackle boxes are too big and bulky and get in the way, while a small tackle box might not allow you to take all your lures. You never know when that odd spinner or chartreuse rapala will be the perfect bass fishing gear for any given day. Best to be prepared. This also allows you a wide array of baits, from large and small plastic worms and worm hooks (with appropriate sinkers) to rapalas, spinners, and anything else that works where you are. Obviously the best bass fishing gear differs for area. With tons of lily pads and shallow water, the rubber frogs and surface lures are the way to go, while in deeper lakes relative free of weeds you may choose an area to jig or choose to cast using rapalas. On larger lakes, trolling is another option.

Aside from tackle boxes, tackle bags are another option when searching for the right bass fishing gear. Tackle bags are basically similar, being a nylon bag that is set up for tackle boxes to slide in and out of. If you’re a fisherman who loves to bass fish, but also occasionally hears the call of bluegill or that trout that keeps mocking you, a tackle bag allows you to organize several tackle boxes, then change them up by sliding them easily in and out of the bag.

These are just a few of the options for good bass fishing gear, but having these in some combination is sure to increase your chances of success.

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