Guide To A Fly Fishing Vest

Fly fishing vest is a type of apparel primarily used for the leisure fly fishing activity. The vest is highly durable and comfortable to wear. It comes in a range of sizes varying from toddler to adult size. Besides this, it comprises of more than 20 pockets with ample space to stow a range of equipments like license, clippers, extra reel, flies, line cleaners and other tools. The pockets can be easily accessed by an angler when wading through water.

The vests are available in various types that include the traditional fabric vest made of high quality fabric like cotton, polyester and this one has several pockets. Mesh fishing vests are another type featuring stretchable mesh lining along with fabric sewn in the pocket areas. These dry instantly and enable to keep the body cool from summer heat.

Waist vests or fanny packs can be used to carry minimal number of gears. These aid to lessen load and can be worn either on the hip, back or front. Further, the vests are ideal for wet wading. Chest vests, on the other hand, are best for use in an overgrown stream. These are sleek and light in weight. The adjustable vests come in trendy colors and patterns to suit varied choice. Some models include a flip-out work surface that can be used as a small table while few others have waterproof pockets and zippers that help to keep the stored items dry.

It is very much required for an angler to position the relative tools in a planned and organized manner. This will help to productively enjoy the session for long hours at ease. The fly boxes meant for the trip can be placed in the upper most chest pockets of the vest, as the flies need to be constantly replaced on the fishing line when on water.

Additionally, line clippers or pocket knives can be placed in the zippered pockets close to the fly boxes. Since clippers or knives will be needed to trim knots or discard the hook from the fish trapped. The clippers can also be attached to an exterior pocket with the aid of a retractable coil. While additional reel of string and spare leaders can be packed in the bigger pocket.

It is however important to place trout permit, necessary license and other essential documents in an inside chest pocket which is less vulnerable to getting wet or other such damages. Above all, it is essential to stock only few items in each pocket as it will be difficult to locate the required accessory from heavily loaded pockets. It can thus be regarded that fly fishing vest is a significant part of a fly fishing kit.

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