Gun Display Cabinets and Wood Gun Racks – Do They Secure Your Firearms?

Gun display cabinets and gun racks that are made of wood serve a great purpose for displaying and storing guns but do they actually secure your firearms from vandalism? Many are only used for display and storage.

There are hundreds of different designs of gun cabinets on the market today. Most of them that are not custom made can hold 3 and up to 12 rifles and shotguns. For more firearms or for a special design there are many custom cabinet makers around that will make one to fill your specific needs,

These cabinets are made from many different types of wood such as pine, ash, oak, and cherry making a beautiful piece of furniture for your home. Their cost depends on the size and the type of wood used to make it. Many of them have drawers below to store ammunition and any other related items. The majority come with either a single or double swing-out doors that are made of wood with a glass inlay so the guns can be seen on display while being stored.

Their construction of wood and glass can easily be broken into with a pry bar, hammer or any other heavy object to steal the rifles and shotguns even if the cabinet itself is bolted to a wall. Many gun display cabinets are equipped with small built-in locks on the cabinet doors for security. These locks merely prohibit children from gaining access to the firearms and does very little to deter theft.

To eliminate this problem, one would need a locking, vertical gun rack, made from welded metal, specifically designed for cabinets to protect the firearms from theft. This locking gun rack could be bolted through to back of the cabinet and to a wall to protect the firearms, the rack itself and the cabinet from being removed from the wall. With that being said, you could enjoy your firearms while on display knowing they are secured.

There are also many types of wood gun racks from free standing to wall mounted types on the market that also serves a good purpose in organized rifle and shotgun storage but offers little to no security for child safety or theft. Most all of them have no locking device and all firearms can easily be removed.

Such a locking wall gun rack that could be used in cabinets could also be used in home closets, hunting lodges, police departments, etc. replacing the wood racks that do not lock up rifles and shotguns.

There will always be a place in our market for beautifully designed gun display cabinets and racks made of wood without locking devices.

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