How To Catch Striped Bass

Striped bass go by several names depending on where you are from. In Arkansas where I’m from their just called Stripers but in some areas go by Rockfish. Freshwater stripers can grow quite large, easily topping 50lbs in a lot of large lakes across America. They are fun to catch, fierce fighters, and great to eat but do take some practice to learn how to catch. Let’s review some tips for catching these monsters.

As with Largemouth bass a good time to fish for stripers is in the early mornings. At this time of day they are feeding along the shallows and banks, anywhere there is a slight current that will stir the bait. Try top water lures in a light or white color. Cast them in and immediately start your retrieve working the lure as if its injured with a slow drag then stop action. Be ready cause when stripers hit they hit hard and fast!

Striped bass love to feed at mouths and channels feeding into a lake and channels. Besides the water current the water temperature differences where the water feeds into the lake is a great spot. The colder water meets the warmer water and stuns, or makes sluggish, lots of the food stripers love. These areas are easy to spot because as the stripers start feeding the bait fish will be coming to the top trying to get away. And its hard to miss a striped bass hitting bait on the top. Choose a top water lure that mimics the color of what the striped bass are feeding on. As soon as it lands start reeling in varying the speed of your retrieve.

Stripers are also a great fish to troll for if you are fishing channels or rivers. Use live shads or underwater running lures colored as shad or bluefish for the best results. Large white headed jigs can also work. Troll slow and watch for your line to either take off or veer to the banks. Adjust for the depth of the area you are trolling and get ready for the fight. I’ve has had stripers tow the boat while still taking 30 minutes or more to land. These are the catches that are remembered for a lifetime.

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