How to Choose the Best Shooting Bench

When shopping for a shooting bench, you want to make sure that you get a bench that offers comfort, convenience, and craftsmanship for an accurate shot. The odds are good that you will be shooting for several hours at a time, and you’ll want to be sure that you are comfortable while doing so.

Look for a bench that offers a well padded seat and table top. These are both obvious suggestions, but some shooters forget to realize that their elbows will be rested on the bench the entire time they are shooting. This is not only important for comfort, but also to make sure that you maintain an accurate shot.

Look for a shooting bench that offers a large table top area. This is also important so you can keep your ammunition and supplies within an arms reach. Keep in mind that more space on the top is convenient to rest your sun glasses, cold drinks, and other personal belongings that you choose to take shooting with you.

Craftsmanship of the shooting bench is probably the most important factor when choosing a bench. You do not want to purchase anything that is flimsy, or made of cheap materials. Ideally, you would want to select a bench that offers strong, sturdy, and weather-resistant materials, while still maintaining a respectable carrying weight. If the bench is collapsible, make sure that the hinges and moving parts are of great quality as well. These are all very important factors, because you want the bench to last for many years.

While researching shooting benches for the purpose of this article, I came across only one such bench that met all of the above criteria. The company boasts that its shooting bench is the bench that shooters dream about. It is compact, lightweight, portable, sets up in seconds without tools, and equipped with a comfortable 3-1/2″-thick padded seat. The bench is built of strong steel tubing with a weather-resistant, powder-coated finish. Neoprene/Lycra® padding covers the large shooting surface with non-marring protection for your equipment and comfort for your elbows. Also included with the bench is a height adjustable, locking Y-shaped gun rest that can be positioned for right and left-handed shooters. When you’re done, the bench folds flat in seconds for carrying and storage.

This sounds like a champion of a shooting bench! It offers extreme comfort, added convenience from its large table top and the fact that it folds up nicely for carrying and storage, and excellent craftsmanship. This bench is a very wise choice from the beginner, to the experienced shooter.

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