How to Hold and Use Shooting Sticks?

If you are among the hunters who prefer to make precise, humane shots while ensuring a stable gun rest, then using shooting sticks will certainly prove to be helpful for you. These sticks are available in the monopod, bipod and tripod arrangements. You can even carry these sticks afield and fold them out so that your gun can rest in the crook of the sticks. These sticks will support your gun, allowing you to shoot from a standing position. These sticks are also referred to as African shooting sticks.

Bipod sticks are the most popular you will get more stability than the mono arrangement. You will find the ones with a bipod arrangement are easier to use, have a lighter weight, and you will be able to adjust for rapid shots, unlike tripod ones. You can take a shot while lying prone, kneeling or standing, with your gun resting in the crook of these sticks, depending on your hunting conditions.

It can be a bit of time to get used to these sticks, so before you actually do some hunting, it is better to practice using them. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when using these sticks is to keep the barrel of your gun away from the sticks.

The Correct Way of Holding and Using Shooting Sticks

If you do not know how to hold and use these sticks, then should follow the step by step instructions mentioned below:

1. You should start by setting your target at an appropriate distance as downrange as possible. While using these sticks is not advisable for shotgun hunting, but you can definitely use these sticks for rifle hunting as they will assist you in making long-distance shots. When using these sticks you should try to set your target at least a hundred yards away.

2. Once you are ready to use shooting sticks, then you should set them up. If you are using tripod sticks, then they will stand on their own. If you are using bipod sticks, then you, firstly, have to place your gun on top of it to stabilize it.

3. The convergence of the sticks creates a crook where you can set the gun and then position yourself based on your hunting conditions. You should place your gun in the sticks at the same point as you will be using your forward hand for gripping the gun.

4. Hold these sticks at the crook by using your forward hand so that you can actually feel the gun too. This way, you will be able to shoot more naturally. This way, your gun will rest on your hand while your hand is gripping the sticks.

5. You can close or spread the legs of these sticks, which will allow you to adjust their height. You can raise the crook by closing them and lower it by spread them. You will be able to take more stable shots the lower you are.

So, if you have purchased new shooting sticks, and you should definitely use them while hunting, following the mentioned steps.

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