How to Keep Your Bow in Good Shape

Water vs bow

The most important thing to remember is that water is not the best friend of your archery equipment. Humidity getting into wooden elements will cause swelling and disfiguration. The best way to prevent this from happening is to store your bow in a dry place and not exposing it into rapid changes of temperature.

Not only water in the liquid form can harm your bow also ice build-up can have destructive impact on it. In extreme situations such as ice build-up near cams it can be even dangerous as may cause the string to roll off the cam. To avoid build-up of ice make sure to not leaving snow on it. It is also important in the winter to check for the ice build-up before drawing the bow.

Inspection and prevention

It is a good and widely recommended practice to inspect a compound bow before each session. Shooting a bow that is not tuned or cracked may lead to its damage and can be also dangerous for you. When inspecting the compound bow you should pay attention to any unusual vibrations and loose elements.

Do not to overdraw a compound bow

The unique construction of a compound bow enables comfortable aiming as the weight you keep in your hands once the bow is fully drawn is hugely reduced. You need to nonetheless remember to shoot it only when fully drawn. In modern compound bows overdrawing is prevented by utilization of “the wall”. Forcing the string over this limit may result in damage. If your bow does not suit your arm length you need to adjust the draw length of the bow. Most constructions allow for moderate adjustment that you can do yourself. Some bows may however require a use of a bow press.

Cams synchronization

If you are an owner of a dual-cam compound bow you need to inspect the synchronization of the cams frequently. They may become desynchronized due to limb movement of stretching of the string. The synchronization of the cams has a huge impact on the accuracy.

Wax the bowstring

Waxing bowstring prevents premature failure of this element. Make sure you use a proper silicone based blend. Do not under any circumstances use a candle wax. It will be counterproductive and instead of protecting your bowstring will destroy it. Silicone is used in bowstring waxes to protect it from water and also reduce fraction between fibres of the string.

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