How to Make Your Own Foam Archery Target

A foam archery target is a favorite among archers because it has the ability to withstand numerous arrow strikes. Also, it does not have the tendency to damage arrow heads when they enter and leave the target. To make your own at home, you will be needing foam boards, banding machine, wooden boards, rope, weights and heavy duty tape. Choose a high density foam that is between two and four pounds. You want this type of foam because it can exert more pushing power on the arrow, bringing it to a stop without mutilating the arrow itself. Polyethylene and ether foams are the most common foams used in this kind of project.

The first step in making a foam archery target is to stack the foam boards on top of each other, this will form the core of your target. The number of layers you will use will depend on the size of the target you have in mind. This would also have to depend on how thick your boards are. Make sure you pile enough layers so that you’ll come up with a reasonably-sized target that you can practice with. Use a banding machine so you can compress the material. The machine will also help you in applying a significant amount of compression without requiring you too work a lot, it will keep the weight consistent and even across the target which can be very difficult if you do it manually. Using a banding machine will ensure that your target will be effective in stopping an arrow.

If you do not have an access to a banding machine, you can just set a sturdy wooden board (plywood) on top of the stack of foam and then add significant weight (cinder or blocks). Keep adding weight until you can see that the materials are tightly compressed. The last step in making a foam archery target is to bind the board and weights to the target using a strong rope. Tighten the rope and secure it. You can use a heavy duty tape (duct tape) to ensure that the rope is secured in place. Your finished target should be at least two feet thick.

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