How to Select a Taser for Self Defense

Tasers are considered the most effective, non lethal self defense weapon today. It is the number one choice of law enforcement personnel for disabling violent offenders. Tasers are described as an electric shock weapon. It delivers large amounts of electrical current that interfere with muscular activity. You may have observed TV news reports when police use this device on suspects, it is quite effective. I observed this weapon in action some years ago, and I was extremely impressed with its take down power.

Tasers are described by many as the next-best thing to a firearm. There are some benefits to owning such a weapon.

Non lethal – For people who have safety concerns about having a dangerous firearm accessible to family members, tasers may be the right self defense weapon for you. You should be aware that in a few instances, tasers, have caused serious injuries and even some deaths. Some attribute the deaths to previous medical problems.

Legal Issues – Tasers are legal in most states. However, some cities and states have restricted or banned electrical shock weapons. People who reside in cities that have banned such devices often claim it is unfair because you can legally own a gun but not a stun gun or taser. If you are contemplating obtaining one for self defense, you should check the laws in your area.

Taser International markets two types of their popular weapon, there is one marketed to civilians and one marketed to the police and military. You may purchase either type, depending on your budget and needs.

Civilian Models

The civilian model taser is called the C2. This model comes in three different kits that range in price from $380 to $450. The difference between the kits is essentially the amount of bundled accessories. The basic kit comes with one C2 taser, one practice cartridge and one live cartridge. The other two kits are bundled with extra cartridges, a holster and a target. The C2 is light weight, has a sleek ergonomic, design and is ideal for carrying on your person. It has a range of 15 feet and emits 500,000 volts.

Police and Military Models

The difference between the civilian and professional models has to do with performance; that include improved accuracy, magazine enhancements, weatherproofing and self diagnostic features. Some of the newest models are equipped with laser sighting. For these added features, you pay a price, the Familiar TASER® M26C Black costing around $500 to the TASER® X26C which sells for $1000. The TASER® M26C and the TASER® X26C are extremely popular with security officers.

Selection Process

Before purchasing a taser, you must determine why you need the device. Do you want one to carry on the street for protection? Will you carry it in your vehicle in case you are stranded or to prevent a carjacking? Will you keep the weapon in your home, in case of a burglary or a home invasion? If you are concerned with concealing the device, the Taser C2 is your first choice. Of course, your budget will have an enormous impact on the decision you make.

Civilians who purchase the professional models for self defense want the best non lethal protection money can buy and usually obtain them for their business or home security. The C2 model is suitable for home protection and street use. There is also a new model in development, designed for wild life.

The best place to purchase Tasers is by shopping online. Very few retailers carry these weapons in their shops. Some firearm stores carry some models. However, they usually are in limited supply. If you are thinking about comparing prices, you should know that Taser International has placed strict price guidelines on all their distributors. Your best option is to find a reputable dealer that offers free shipping. I highly recommend Tasers as an alternative to a handgun. They are safe, effective and are suitable for ninety nine percent of self defense situations.

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