How To Set Up A Free Line Rig With Live Shrimp

Fishing with a free line rig is one of the best methods of fishing. First, you need to learn how to tie a fishing knot (search the internet or use a knot book).

Second, you need to get a swivels that are at the correct test pound for the species you are trying to catch. Example: red fish- 15 pound swivels, sea trout- 10 pound swivels.

Third, you need to get leader line such as: fluorocarbon, monofilament, or braided. You should get leader line as per the species of fish. Example: red fish- 20 pound test, sea trout- 15 pound test.

Fourth, you need to get number two circle hooks.

Fifth, you need to attach all the components together as follows: attach the swivel to your leader line, attach the opposite side to your hook, and attach your swivel end to your fishing line.

Last, you need to get your shrimp, and you should hook it through the end of the tail as follows: grab the shrimp, put the shrimp right side up, get the hook, insert the hook from the bottom through the top of the end of the tail (this method is a popular method). As Travis McCain stated, “I hook more fish when I hook the shrimp through the tail.” (resident of Pensacola, Fl)

Three alternate methods of hooking a shrimp are as follows:

The first alternate method of hooking the shrimp is called “hooking it through the horn”, as follows: grab the shrimp, put it right side up, (crown is the spike that comes out of the shrimps head) insert the hook into the shrimp one quarter of an inch behind the crown from left to right.

The second alternate method of hooking a shrimp is called “double hooking the tail”, as follows: grab the shrimp, put it right side up, insert the hook from left to right in the middle of the tail, and insert the hook again in a fluent motion towards the tail.

The last alternate method is called “middle body hooking”, as follows: grab the shrimp, put upside down, insert the hook in the middle of the bottom of the shrimp in a fluent motion until the hook exits on its own.

These methods of free lining live shrimp gives you optimum natural appearance with your bait. These methods are the most common used methods according to local fishermen of Pensacola, Fl. According to fishing local Tyler Lewis, “I use these methods according to the location of where I am fishing; it is a good technique to switch the method of hooking live shrimp while you are fishing because each method allows different movement for the shrimp.” (resident of Pensacola, Fl)

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