Hunting Knife- The Overall Basics

There are several components to an everyday hunting knife, which have distinct characteristics and uses. On your typical hunting knife, there are the following areas: the blade(consisting of the tip, cutting edge and point), the butt, the handle and knife guard.

The blade can be used for various purposes, depending on what type of knife you own, but your basic hunting knife is used for skinning and chopping. The blade is obviously the most dangerous part of the knife, and should always be concealed when not being used.

The type of blade in a knife is very important for whatever type of knife you want. The type of metal used to make the blade determines how sturdy and strong the blade is, and what type of tasks it can face. What you plan on using the knife for should determine the type of blade, and therefore the type of hunting knife.

The butt of the knife, (opposite the tip of the blade), is generally the least used part of the knife, except in certain kinds that contain hidden storage compartments.

The knife handle, (the area where you grip the knife) is important because you need a firm hold on your knife at all times when you are gripping it. Handles come in various materials, but the key thing is to choose a handle that is comfortable and secure.

The knife guard is a piece below the blade which is there to protect your hands. A practical knife guard is one big enough to protect you, but not big enough to interfere. Whatever hunting knife you choose, make sure you examine each of the before-mentioned areas to be confident in your selection.

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