Hunting With Army Surplus

1000 yd. Bulls eye rifle target 1 case- Now if this isn’t something worth getting excited about I don’t know what is. This beautiful case is a prize in and of itself. If you have a rifle that good, then having a case to match is a must have.

Rubberized gun muzzle cover- Muzzle covers are a necessity with the sport. These rubber ones are both fashionable and they get the job done. The army surplus has a way of offering things at a reasonable price, but they are also a scarce accommodation.

Artillery Cleaning Brush w/ bag- Everyone will have to clean their guns. Now a person can leave the gun a mess, but that will mess with the performance of it. In order to keep your weaponry good, you must clean it. Investing in a cleaning brush is a necessity. The bag is an extra bonus, but it comes in handy because you can keep your cleaning materials in one place. They will always be where you want them when you need them.

Case, revolver ammo, 38 cal pistol- Man sometimes you are going to need the perfect case for a pistol. If you have a 38 caliber pistol Uncle Sam has a case for you. Not everyone will be able to boast about the army surplus case they have, but you can do just that if you take advantage of the opportunity that is staring you in the face.

Pistol Case w/ magnetic pouch 25-0017- This is not just an ordinary pistol case, but it has a magnetic clasp. You can feel like an authentic law enforcer with this one. I am telling you that you can get the finest shooting supplies from this surplus. The clasps is magnetic. It is designed with the next step in mind.

Government Issued Ear plugs/ 5485- Now the one thing that can become annoying about shooting is the fact that it is hard on your ears. There are good ear plugs available, but the army has the best. So just imagine that on your next shooting trip you will not be able to hear the loud shot. That is the perfect fit for every shooter. It is also the hardest thing to find the right ear plugs for yourself.

So all you shooters out there should become familiar with what the army surplus is offering. You can find yourself content with what you have, or you will find those little things that make a big difference, and it is all thanks to Uncle Sam.

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