Hypoallergenic Sporting Dogs – Some Of The Most-Opted Breeds!

Here’s why:

As a modern day pet owner, there are many choices before you for the type of dog you can choose to have, depending on your temperament, activity levels, space constraints or freedom besides budget of after-care facilities and how much time you can spend looking after your furry four-legged friend. For even though a dog is a man’s best friend, the purpose of choosing to keep a dog may be different for different people: some may be looking for security, some for companionship of the silent kind, some for hobby breeding and yet others for active sports such as hunting.

If the latter category is what you fall under, then you need to find out the best kind of hunting dog for your personal needs and this becomes an even more complicated decision to make if you suffer from moderate to severe allergies, which can be triggered off by the wrong choice of a sporting dog. Therefore, pet health experts advise such person to opt for a hypoallergenic hunting dog that has an easy temperament but is intelligent, responsive to commands and playful outside of the sporting scene too.

This includes breeds such as the Australian Terrier, Poodle and Kerry Blue terrier that are typically used to hunt small to large game besides killing vermin that often carry disease. These breeds also make for good pets even in households that have children and elderly members as they are very playful and affectionate too while being easy to train with a firm handler and without much fuss.

Great sporting partners, the above breed of hypoallergenic hunting dogs are also advantageous for owners that do not want to spend a lot of time in cleaning up great tufts of hair and for those that suffer from bad allergies since they have short coats which are soft and thin like human hair, therefore easy to maintain with simple, regular brushing and shampooing.

These being medium sized dogs are also likely to be appreciated by those pet-owners that are not too keen on fussy grooming but would still like to have a furry friend with less shedding problems that aggravate allergies associated with bigger dogs or smaller, more lush-furred dogs.

As far as the Poodle is concerned, the virtues of it being a hunting dog are equally weighed against it being a friendly dog at the time though it is not generally noisy unless trained to be so; it loves its walks, is great for active people and has a long lifespan though they are prone to suffering assorted health problems with age.

The preferred mice and rat killer, the Australian Terrier too is blessed with a happy disposition and has long hair that does not shed in bulk like other dogs its size; a close crop of the coat will ensure you have nothing to worry about when bringing one of these lovable dogs home -or on a hunting trip!

If these don’t appeal, the choice of a Kerry Blue Terrier is always open: a big head and chest, soft and curly coat and lesser hassles of brushing are what make it a favorite hypoallergenic hunting dog for many.

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