I Wonder If Billy Joel Knows His Pug Sabrina Was Once Almost Labeled an Edible Dog

During the Shang Dynasty (1751 to lll l B.C) the first dog judge had divided the dog breeds into 3 groups, based on quality and certain characteristics. The 3 classes were, water dogs, hunting dogs and edible dogs. Yes, I said edible dogs. Thank goodness the pug was classified as a hunting dog at this time, as he might not have been around today if he was labeled an edible dog. Oh, pass the pug just doesn’t sound right for dinner, does it? Sorry, that was just wrong! One thing all researchers do agree on is that it originated in 400BC somewhere in Asia. The name Pug comes from the Latin word “pugnus” which means fist. Because the pugs head looks like a clenched fist. Another theory is that the name comes from the pug monkeys that resembled the little dog.

The pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog. Their are 3 theories regarding pug ancestry.

1. Some believe they are a smaller version of the French Mastiff.

2. Others believe it is a shorthaired Pekingese or another Oriental breed.

3. And the last is an offspring of a small bulldog.

One of the most famous stories that surround the pug is between the Emperor Ming and his wife, Yang Kwei Fei. One day Ming was playing chess with a prince. The Emperor Ming was losing. His wife Yang, saw that he was losing and came over to the table and dropped her pet pug on the board. All the pieces went flying and game was ruined. This of course, made Emperor Ming very happy.

After this, “pug causing flying chess pieces” episode, pugs were bred by the eunuchs and for the emperor and other high officials. These cute little guys were guarded and had servants to care for there every whim. Wow…they came a long way from almost being eaten! One other story worth mentioning is how the pug became the official dog of the House of Orange. It has been said that a pug saved Prince William’s life. The dog began barking and woke Prince William up. The pug alerted him of approaching Spanish soldiers. The pug has been a pet in many countries by a variety of people – from Buddhist monks in Tibet to European royalty.

Pugs have one of those faces that you just have to love. The wrinkle above his nose resembles the symbol for Prince, in China. This is one of the reasons they are very popular in China. He has fine smooth short glossy hair, “rose ears” and very large black eyes. His short thick body, with a high set tail, that curls over his back makes him a sassy little creature. His colors are silver, apricot, black, or fawn with the black mask and ears and black trace along his back. Average Size of Male and Female are about the same: Height: 10-11 inches, Weight: 14-18 pounds. (No Denise, your dog should not weigh 30lbs!)

The pug is a happy and intelligent little guy. I’m sure Billy Joel, thinks his Sabrina is a happy little girl. They are great with children and require only modest exercise. (This must because he had servants early on in his ancestry) A daily walk will do. If you are looking for an exercise buddy, this guy is not for you, especially on a hot day. Pugs do not like heat, and can become overheated fairly easy.

One tip for the pug owners is to rub down his coat with a silk handkerchief and it will make his coat very shiny. (Again, they must have made the servants do it)

The pug is an affectionate, loyal little lap dog. He is a great companion, and with that clown like face, he will make you smile each day. He is smart, easily trainable and loves kids.

Good choice in Dogs, Billy Joel!

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