Introducing the RAM Paintball Pistol

The Real Action Marker Desert Eagle paintball pistol is one of the latest equipment that paintball players have found to be comfortable and easy to use. Just like a real Desert Eagle pistol, the RAM has been used in training simulations of law enforcement agencies for mock situations. Its magazine is capable of holding up to eight paint balls and does not require magazines casings to use. The magazine easily slides into the hand grip of a person, making it very convenient to use.

What makes the RAM unique amongst other paintball pistols is that it can still fire its ammunition even if the clip is dry. Only when the user runs out of paint balls does the pistol stop firing just like a real gun. The Desert Eagle paintball pistol's velocity can be adjusted to suit the user. It has a peak firing performance that goes from 250 to 300 feet per second, an optimal range of 65 feet, and a maximum of 160.

This pistol has a disposable Co2 cylinder located near the hand grip that allows storage of 50 paint balls. Twin Weaver-style rails are located at the top and bottom of the barrel are perfect for those that like to play with attachable accessories such as flashlights and laser sights. The RAM paintball pistol adds a new dimension of realism for the paintball scene.

When handling paintball equipments, the user must always remember that these are not items intended for children to use. As it can cause serious harm and injury to people, the use of paintball equipment have only been restricted for paintball arena uses and is not to be utilized anywhere else.

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