Joe Biden Says You Need Nukes & F-15s Not AR-15s To Take On Tyrannical Government

Tyrannical Government

The President of the United States basically said that if the American people tried to fight back against the Government because it was tyrannical, we wouldn’t stand a chance because the US government can nuke the American people and/or drop bombs on them with F-15s.

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Our President is bragging that his administration can be as tyrannical as it wants whenever it wants to be, and there’s nothing we can do about it. This isn’t the response from a person who believes in the freedoms of this country; this is the response of a lunatic who thinks he’s a supreme leader.

Biden and his administration are talking about dropping NUKES on the American people for wanting to protect our rights. This is just dumb and yet he says this nonsense like it helps his argument.

Saying the American people’s AR-15s would do nothing against the US Government because they’ll NUKE them reinforces the reason why the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment in the first place.

A government willing to drop a nuke on its people is the walking, talking embodiment of A Tyrannical Government. Not to mention the US government dropping a NUKE in the US is the moronic equivalent of throwing a grenade in my bedroom to get rid of the home intruder who just kicked in my bedroom door. It’s dumb.

More people die from knives and hammers than they do AR-15s, and I don’t see you trying to ban those. The vast majority of gun deaths are committed with handguns, but he knows he can’t ban those because way too many people have them, and no one would stand for that.

The truth is our ownership of AR-15’s threatens them. Because of the Second Amendment, the American people are collectively the most armed in the world.

Other countries gawk at us because they can’t believe how much power and freedom we have. Dictators of other countries laugh at the US leaders because they can’t believe how much power the American people have over their Government. That’s why you can’t just unilateral make us do anything in this country.

The Second Amendment is not about using guns to overthrow the Government arbitrarily; it is about empowering the American people to the point that it deters any government from trying to oppress us.

If said tyrannical Government pushes forward despite said deterrent, the American people have the means to do something about it.

Based on how Joe Biden and his administration talk about the second amendment, they are nothing but Aspirational Tyrants who have the misfortune of being in a country with a Strong Constitution.

They see the constitution as a blockade to their lust for power instead of protecting the people’s rights.

Anything that seeks to challenge any government overreach Biden and his administration takes it as a personal slight. Still, they also know that they have to convince us to give up our power as the people because of the second amendment.

Currently, the AR15 is the most popular rifle in the country.

They know that if they don’t try to slow the popularity of the AR15 now, it will become untouchable just like handguns are because there will be too many people who own them that won’t be willing to give them back.

Once people experience the self-reliance of owning An AR15 for their defense, they won’t depend on the Government as much for their safety, which means they lose power because the only thing they ever sell to the American people is a bigger Government.

Joe Biden and his administration are bragging to the world that he and his administration could crush the people they govern at any point. That should terrify you.

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