Kayaks As Family Fun And As A Dynamic Sport

There are several different types of kayaks available for having fun in the water.

Whether you’re young or old, expert or first-time paddler, there are kayaks for the sea, lakes, rivers and streams and will take you on the water for fishing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, white water kayaking, camping, touring, surf kayaking, day tripping, exploring or just simply for getting fit and having fun.

When purchasing a kayak there are several things to consider such as safety, stability, versatility, speed and lightness.

Great stability is very important in smooth water or surf and the kayak you choose should do tip readily and is easy to get in and out of even in deep water. Unless you want to learn an eskimo roll, the moulded seating should give a wrap-around feel but does not cover or restrain any part of the body. There should also be self bailing outlets to drain water from the cockpit.

As for versatility and comfort, an open top design allows complete freedom of movement and will suit most body shapes and sizes. The kayak should be roomy enough for small children or the family dog to accompany adult paddlers.

Now for the strength and speed of the kayak. Seamless polyethylene construction is stronger than fibreglass and handles everyday knocks effortlessly and is also UV stabilised. Underwater contours will achieve excellent stability to speed ratio and ensures that the kayak tracks well with no need for a rudder.

If your kayak has equipment securing points and hatches to under-deck storage, they are ideal for camping trips, picnics or taking gear to your favourite fishing and diving sites. They are designed to be lightweight and easily transported on the roof of a car.

Worth bearing in mind too are the glass bottomed kayaks. These are amazing for taking into interesting waters where there is plenty of marine life. Great too for surfing or just playing with the kids.

There is lots of choice amongst both new and used kayaks so it’s well worth taking your time to find one that is just right for you.

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