Lake Whitney, Texas – Fishing

Known for it's excellent Smallmouth, Striped and White Bass fishing, Largemouth are a little small compared to other Texas lakes. Large Blue Catfish are known to be caught. Anglers come from across the state to fish on Lake Whitney.

Lake Whitney Texas (TX), is located in the Brazos and Nolan Rivers.

It is approximately 30 miles Northwest of Waco TX.

Predominant Fish Species:
Striped & white bass Smallmouth & largemouth bass
Crappie Channel, blue & flathead catfish.

Many parks offer RV spaces with RV hookups. Many also offer year around rates which is popular. RV Park rates are from $ 15 to $ 30 per night with the cooler season being somewhat less. Reserve your RV Park space in advance as it is a very popular lake.

Cabins are available with a range of prices with $ 50 to $ 90 being the average.

Vegetation: Dominant types are, bushy pondweed, Willow, buttonbush, coontail, bulrush, pondweed and water willow. Fish are more active in the fall and spring months due to the cooler weather. Of course they are active much longer during daylight hours and are normally found in shallow water early morning and late afternoon.

White and Striped Bass are best caught through March and May below sand and gravel bars, as well as open water for Striped Bass.

Impounded in 1951, pool level is 533 ft mls with a fluctuation average of 4 to 8 ft annually. The normal lake water is clear to slightly stained. Lake Whitney has a surface area of ​​23,500 acres with a maximum depth of 108 ft. Water is stained.

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In Conclusion: It is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas. Plan your trip and enjoy the fishing and scenery.

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