Make Courage Your Most Coveted Strength and Watch Your Life Change

***Make courage your greatest strength and watch your life change in many positive ways! First of all, let’s give a brief overview of what courage can do for you: Courage allows you the ammunition to take the reins of your fears or beliefs, these beliefs can render you to feel fearful, or feeling uprooted.

Courage is the ability to uplift yourself after a obstacle or struggle, and begin to act or react with your internal knowledge, recognizing that you are being challenged to take action against SOMEONE, something or some event that needs to be rectified.

Or let’s face facts, an instinct that tells you to use cognizance and correctly interpret a great way to handle distress, because possibly dangerous or unfair competition in the form of people or events are trying to hinder you from living your life in peace and harmony.

Courage is not something that is inherited, merited or passed down to your posterity! NO, in no way! Courage is the skill that enables you to do the best thing for yourself, your offspring and/ or anything or anyone that brings you loving feelings or value.

Breaking it down, if only for emphasis: When and if we do courageous things then, of course, courageous results will reward your efforts and correct what was meant to hinder you; turning your former blocks into victory!

If you are a single mother and you have put yourself through college, on-line education or supported yourself and your child/children you were courageous! It took courage and you did it! You accomplished a great life by your own amazing work ethic. Or if it was your ability to think of wonderful ways of saving money and meeting your physical and psychological needs; thus this far exceeded your own expectations.- Then we all know that besides your strength of character, you were also utilizing your gift of determination that greatly enhanced or set the gift of courage in motion…

It takes courage to do what you do daily! It took courage to accomplish your goals which was you not feeding into the need for others to bring you down. You are a courageous gal and we salute you!

Another example of courage: If you were born in another country and after you completed your education, you came to the states to utilize your training and gifts for the betterment of yourself and your society as well, you utilized your gift of courage to leave your country of origin. You are contributing to your fellow man and to your adopted country. I admire that you are doing it legally and courageously. There are so many examples of using courage to engage and encourage new or better outcomes to your life challenges.

We are all born with the innate desire to excel, real well.

We were all born with the same attributes, and abilities to cultivate ourselves, very well.

* If we seize our internal goals, dreams and time wisely, AND don’t underestimate our ability to conduct ourselves courageously- we can achieve anything!~

I don’t know if you agree with me or not, though I do know what has worked, real well for me, at least in my way of thinking, responding and in my own way of doing things. What has worked the best for me along the many trails and trials of my life journey has been my ability to seek the courage to do what I believe needs to be done in a courageous fashion. Why do I say doing things in a courageous way has worked for my lifetime events, struggles or individual way of doing things?

Because courage is something, one of the many things, that cannot be plagiarized, hacked into or copied by anyone.

It takes courage to keep consistently working hard while being exploited by employers or being underestimated by others who don’t really know you.

See, whatever you do to improve or uplift yourself is all 100% percent attributed to your own individual credit, effort and style by how you take-on the miles of trials that your life journey has presented to you.

Showing courage to yourself builds the bond that you have with others who desire to emulate what they appreciate most about your way of living!

Keep up the good work, it’s your courageous way of living that is making the planet a better place for you and me and for everybody else who’s alive and doing fine!

With that being said, I believe that courage can be openly demonstrated for the betterment of our friends, family and for society as well.

Of course, people react and interact, engage and accept more of what they see or witness you do MORE, than by ANY OTHER THING that you can say or do. What you say sometimes is less important than what you do! It takes courage to be you!

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this article and to read small nuggets or thoughts turned or recycled into useful and purposeful life- assisting tips…

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

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