Making the Shot – A List of the Different Calibres of Rifles

Rifles are one of the primary weapons used for hunting. They come in different kinds and most of all different calibres. There are more than hundreds of calibre types and it’s nearly impossible for you to use all of them in just one hunt. So, here are the top ten calibres that have been loved by the best hunters for all time from all over the world.

.308 Winchester

This is probably the most efficient and accurate round ever devised in history. In comparison to the .300 Win. Mag. or .30-06, the powder amount it burns is excessively less than the overwhelming velocities it can produce for such a very short case. Although there are hunters that believe it’s underpowered, it’s actually only 100 fps behind .30-06. Thus, it has lessened recoil. It also enhances your ability to shoot well. It is also cheap and has proven itself throughout whether for competition purposes, in war or in the field.

.22 Long Rifle

This is the most popular cartridge, especially in the United States and other hunting capitals of the world. With this, you get to have the ability to shoot all day just for pennies. This is also great for small game preys such as: squirrels, vermin and rabbits. It is also quiet, fun and good for practicing, since you would not have any problems with finding it in stores.

.30-06 Springfield

This type presents a smooth sliding unrivaled slickness. As a pump, it has a design that’s downright gorgeous. It is also exceedingly easy to point. With this kind of gear, it’s a sure fire hit for you, just as long as you have had you enough dose of practice. This type is also on the cheap side, which is why it has also gained a certain level of popularity.

.375 H&H Magnum

If you’re aiming to hunt in Africa, then it is a must that you get a .375 H&H. Go learn and practice how to shoot using it. You’ll be definitely rewarded by just bringing only one rifle overseas. Considering the energy of 4,000 ft.-lbs. that it could deliver, its recoil isn’t too bad. Also, its trajectory is actually flat enough, so it could hold a 250 yard maximum of point-blank range. It’s also smooth-feeding and isn’t loaded with too much hotness to bind your actions. However, it has enough power to pierce and kill even the largest game around, including African elephants.

.223 Remington

Due to the military use of this type of cartridge, it has become another favourite, simply because you can get it cheap. However, it doesn’t mean that since it comes cheap, it doesn’t have quality with it. It is actually wonderfully accurate and fast enough. It is also better priced compared to its competition, the .22 centerfire. It is also very small recoil, which you wouldn’t even notice at times.

.257 Weatherby Magnum

This is considered to be the perfect round to use if you’ll be aiming for big deer and kangaroo. It is actually the said favourite as a “godfather of speed”. It is the fastest among the commercially loaded calibers of the .25 range. Most users say that it can actually hit distant subjects with the shock and speed of a lightning bolt.

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