Martial Arts Training – Using a Pen For Self-Defense

One of the biggest problems with most martial arts training programs, is the tendency to limit yourself to only learning the "official" weapons of your chosen style. The alternative is to borrow the Ninja's ability to see beyond the form of any particular weapon, and recognize the truth that anything can be pressed into service as a weapon, and an aid for your own personal defense.

This article explores the concept of using an ordinary ballpoint pen as a self defense weapon. Of course, you can feel free to substitute a pencil, marker, or any other item that is of similar shape and size.

One of the reasons for learning to use a pen for self defense is that they are so readily available. And, for most people, they either carry or have access to at least one throughout the course of a normal workday. This availability factor makes the pen an excellent choice.

Of course, it's "common-ness" also makes it virtually invisible to everyone – including your attacker – who only think of obvious weapons like guns, knives, clubs, etc.

As a place to begin your training and understanding of how to use a simple pen as a powerful self defense weapon, the following tactics are offered as examples of how effective this weapon can be in a real-world self-protection situation.

"There in a pinch" – The small size and natural shape of a pen makes it easy to manipulate in your hand. It's also not necessary to conform your hand to the weapon, as you have to do with other weapons such as a firearm.

That being said, you can hold the pen in your hand so that you can apply pain techniques by pinching his skin between your thumb and the shaft of your new favorite weapon. The ears, lips, and the thin, sensitive skin on the inside of the upper arms and the sides of the neck make perfect targets for this "sneaky little Ninja technique!"

"Getting your point across" – By gripping the shaft of the pen, and holding it like a spike or dagger, allows you to jab and stab. You can also hold the pen as you would for the pinching techniques above – allowing you to stab and snag whatever parts of his body get close enough for you to take advantage of.

"Mightier than the sword" – In today's world, carrying a sword might cause you to stand out in a crowd. Do you agree?

But, we can still borrow some lessons and uses of the warrior's most prized weapon and apply them using the pen. This concept will, except in very rare instances, completely confuse and overwhelm your assailant.

While you can slash and scrape the pen across his body targets, this obvious use is not what I'm referring to. What I'm talking about here is "drawing" the pen in the middle of the attack – just like the master warrior draws his sword when the attacker won't see it coming!

Imagine carrying the pen in your shirt pocket and then, while you were avoiding an incoming punch and bringing your hand up to cover …

… you simultaneously pulled the weapon using the natural movement of your hand and arm. Much like a master magician conceals his moves, your attacker will never see the pen in your hand, and will be completely confused and overwhelmed as he tries to make sense of the damage, pain, and wounds that are being caused by, what he thinks is, your "empty" fist!

Of course, this article can only be a basic introduction to using the pen for self defense. If you want to take this further and make it a part of your martial arts training curriculum, then I suggest getting information on using the Kubotan: Self-defense keychain as a basis for your training.

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