Mathews Archery Products Hit the Bullseye

Matt McPherson started Mathews Archery Inc. in 1992 with two employees in Austin, Minnesota. By 1995, the company had grown to 39 employees and 30 of them moved to their new facility in Sparta, Wisconsin, which was 12,400 square feet. When 2008 rolled around, they had about 240 employees, facility space of 100,000 and have become the largest grossing archery manufacturer in the world. The company was built on three core values innovation, integrity and impact.

The company not only makes the best bows they also make many wonderful accessories such as quivers, arrow rests, harmonic stabilizers, custom engraved grips, bowstrings and cables. They also sell may licensed accessory items that the archer might need such as knives from KutMaster, jackets from Gamehide and Power Pleat, gear, like packs from Blacks Creek, gloves and boots from Scent Blocker and arrows from Carbon Express and Easy-Eye Archery Products.

Mathews Archery also carries a complete line of apparel for casual wear or to wear while hunting. These include things such as hats (caps, visors and wool pull-ons), long and short sleeve shirts along with sweatshirts and tee shirts. These are all available in both men’s and women’s sizes. They also offer patches to personalize your basic shirts and decals to add to your truck or car windows.

They also offer a rewards club that is somewhat different from the usual ones. Yes, you do earn “points” but you do not get them for only shopping at Mathews you get them just for shopping online at many stores you probably buy from already such as Office Max, Best Buy and You also get other perks like discounts on rental cars and hotels.

All these perks and extras are wonderful but lets face it people go to Mathews Archery to buy bows first and foremost. They truly are the leaders in service and quality. They are offering a six new Reezen bows this year. They are named Reezen because they are everything the public has come to expect from a Mathews bow but better. There are six of these new bows available and they are gorgeous and high tech. The Reezen 6.5, Reezen 7.0, the Monster XL which has the newest technology AVS which is patent pending and the fastest most efficient dual cam system in the world. The HyperLite is unique in just that it is extremely light in the field while still being fast on the fly. All of these new bows cost between $800 and $900, very reasonable for the best bows available. Take a look around their website, read some of the 4,000+ testimonials about the products, and try them for yourself.

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