Mexico, A Popular Bass Fishing Destination

Mexico bass fishing has only gotten more and more popular over the last decade, right now there is a great combination of great lakes and accommodations that is certainly a lure for anglers from all parts of the World. Lakes such as Guerrero, Agua Milpa, Comedero, Baccarac and El Salto have given Mexico the renown it now has.

One thing that characterizes the bass found in Mexico is their aggressiveness. There is no room for weak equipment here! If you are planning a bass fishing trip to Mexico, you better make sure you bring strong equipment that can handle the strong movement of the bass. But there is another characteristic of the fish found in Mexico’s lakes: their size! You will find HUGE fishes here and in great quantities too!

Among the top lakes in Mexico, we have Agua Milpa, a lake that covers 70,000 acres where you can catch largemouth bass between 2-10lbs in average; Lake Guerrero a lake stocked with Florida bass covering even a bigger area of 97,000 acres; and Lake Baccarac a beautiful spot in Mexico where you can find really big fish. The current record for bass fishing in Baccarac was set in 1993 for a bass weighing 19.10 lbs, but local anglers can tell you some bigger fishes are caught unofficially!

To make the most out of a Mexico bass fishing trip, you should plan it for the best season. It starts in general in October and ends in June or July. Well, a lot of lakes are open for fishing throughout the year but it gets more difficult as rain and high temperatures start to take place. Be sure to plan and book your accommodations well in advance, as they get filled pretty quickly.

Mexico’s fishing lodges are great in all aspects and will provide you with all the services you expect as well as experienced guides who know everything about each of the lakes.

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