Mexico Bass Fishing in Lake Agua Milpa

Mexico is a true paradise for everyone who loves sports fishing. Over the last decade, Mexico has established as one of the preferred destinations for anglers, thanks of its great variety of lakes with big bass. One of the preferred lakes is Agua Milpa, read to find out why.

Lake Agua Milpa is surrounded by beautiful scenery, surrounded by green-covered mountains. At fool pool, it covers an area of 70,000 acres where you can easily found largemouth bass of 2.5 lbs – 10 lbs! Like all bass in Mexico, here they are known for being aggressive, making the use of strong equipment a must.

This is one of the favorite Mexico bass fishing lakes not only because of the great fishing, but also because it is easily accessible, specially compared with other lakes in the country. You can get to Agua Milpa in just three hours from Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara.

For accommodations, you can enjoy some of the best ones in Mexico. Agua Milpa Lodge is where you will stay if you take a trip to this lake. Luckily, all Mexico lodges are recognized for being excellent in service, and in this case you will also enjoy a beautiful view that will make your relaxing moments very magical. Besides fishing, the lodge offer many amenities and delicious food, so not only you will be happy but so your belly!

Agua Milpa’s fishing season goes from November to June. It is a big period to go out and catch the biggest bass you’ve ever seen, but it is advisable o plan your trip with enough time, or else you will find all accommodations are booked. By the way, this lake is known for having occasional raining so it is not a bad idea to grab a raincoat before your trip.

Agua Milpa is definitely a paradise spot for anglers, but if you are planning a family trip, take into account that it is not rich in extra-activities. If someone is not an angler he/she will enjoy the nature and relax, and this could be great, but in general kids will be bored if they are not into fishing.

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