New Backpacking Gear

When you are out in the wild and are going for an adventure it is always a good feeling when you know that you have the new backpacking gear that is reliable and will not fail you when need it the most. I always believed that you get what you pay for and it has served me well. There are so many choices and manufacturers for new backpacking gear out there that it can get a little distracting at times but not to worry this will give you a good sense of direction in finding the right new backpacking gear that suites you.

First is finding out what type of backpacking you will be doing in order to decide which route to go in getting you new backpacking gear. Do you go extreme like climbing up faces and repelling as well? Are you the backpacker that likes to go on long trips out into the wilderness for long periods of time? Or there are the normal ones that will go for a short excursion for a day or two? Any of these require you to be well prepared in case any thing happens that you did not count on, and most of the time that is what happens. These are a few good companies that I like to use, Eureka, Granite Gear, Jan sport, Coleman, Mountainsmith, the list goes on and on but just try to choose the best new backpacking gear for your needs depending on which type you will be doing. You will always find quality gear it's just finding what suites your needs when looking for new backpacking gear.

Trying to remember everything to take can always be a chore too especially when you get there and realize that you forgot the tent or your boots. Keeping your new backpacking gear in a well organized space can help with this. Here is a good checklist to go through when preparing for a backpacking trip-Map, Compass, Flashlight or Headlamp, Extra Food and Clothes, sunglasses, FIRST AID KIT IS A MUST HAVE! Pocket Knife or Bowie Knife, Waterproof Matches, Fire starter, Water, Bottles, or a Camel Pack, Bug Repellent, and Sun Screen. These are only a few of the many that you will need but they are the things that will keep you alive if something terrible happens, God Forbid it does, but better safe than sorry right? Over all just keep yourself equipped with the right gear, be safe, make good decisions and it will be a trip you will not forget, and don't forget to take pictures as well.

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