Non Shedding Dog Breeds – Choose From The Fab Four!

All dogs shed their coats just like humans shed their hair but some dogs shed less hair than others. If you find dog hair on the carpet is a nuisance or you have an allergy then one of the breeds of dog that are regarded as non shedding may be the one for you.

There are a number to choose from. One of the best known and most popular is the poodle. They come in a number of sizes but they all the same breed. The full-sized poodle is a magnificent animal especially when their coat is cut in the traditional style. They were originally bred as hunting dogs. Their curly coat was an advantage when they went into the water. They are bold, courageous animals at their best. They like lots of exercise and should be professionally clipped. If you dislike the pom pom style of poodle clipping then you can let the coat grow naturally. But it is still best to clip them around the eyes or they can get infected. Their coat will also need clipping in warm summer weather because it can become uncomfortable hot.

The smaller poodles may be better if you have limited space. The large ones need lots of exercise. A toy or miniature poodle is an ideal house dog. Their coats can be clipped in the same as way as the large poodles. All poodles get excited by noise and commotion. They can be highly strung around children especially if they have not become accustomed to them from an early age.

Another good option for a non shedding dog is the cockapoo. This is a cross between the American spaniel and the poodle. They are usually good with children and are very playful and loyal. But they need a lot of grooming. This is an intelligent, small dog that makes a good family pet. It does not need as much exercise as a large dog.

The Italian greyhound is a good choice for anyone who wants a non shedding dog. They are a small version of the racing greyhound and very elegant. They have a gentle nature but tend to be timid. They prefer a quiet household with no children. Since their coat is sleek they require very little grooming. Despite their athletic build they do not need as much exercise as some dogs.

A more rambunctious choice for a lively family dog might be the Airedale terrier. These dogs have a short, wiry coat. They are extremely active dogs that love to play with children so long as the children have been taught to treat them with respect. They are very loyal and will defend their families to the death. While they respond to training they are very self-willed and need firm discipline. Like all terriers they are highly intelligent which makes them great pets in the appropriate context.

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