Olight Flash Sale May 27 8pm -28 EDT New Odin Turbo LEP Light

Olight Flash Sale : https://olight.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=129
****10% OFF Coupon code: sootch00 10% off Marauder II Only (Coupon Code will work during sales on non-sale listings ONLY)

1. Odin Turbo Black, 28% OFF, $179.96 (MAP: $249.95); Bundle i5T EOS Stardust, 35% OFF, $183.89 (MAP: $282.90)

Odin Turbo Desert Tan(Limited Edition), 28% OFF, $187.16 (MAP: $259.95); Bundle i5T EOS Stardust, 35% OFF, $190.39 (MAP: $292.90)

2. PL PRO Desert Tan, 25%OFF, $97.46 (MAP: $129.95); Bundle Obulb Purple, 35% OFF, $100.69 (MAP: $154.90)

3.Freyr Orange (Limited Edition), 20%OFF, $111.96 (MAP: $139.95); Bundle Obulb Orange, 30% OFF, $115.43 (MAP: $164.90)

4.Buy Marauder 2 Desert Tan get a FREE i3T EOS Brass(MAP: $29.95) and a FREE tier gift Baton 3 Premium Edition Orange(MAP: $109.95)

5. i3T Mountain Sky, $19.95

6.Obulb Purple, $24.95

7. Baldr Mini Sale May 28 8pm EDT until 12 Midnight only (4 Hour Sale)

Free Tiers

1)Over $129 get a FREE Obulb Green (MAP: $24.95)

2)Over $259 get a FREE Open 2 DT (MAP: $59.95)

3)Over $359 get a FREE Baton 3 Premium Edition Orange (MAP: $109.95)
Flash sale date: 8:00 PM May 27th – 11:59 PM May 28th EDT.

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