Parcel Delivery Problems

Parcel deliveries have always had problems with what can and what cannot be delivered and it is unfortunately an ever changing problem. The criminal and terrorist world has in the past and will continue in the future to try and get things through hidden in the parcel post with little fear or chance of being caught but the chances of success are also limited. Obviously there are certain things, which are inherently dangerous to send by parcel delivery, but the list has become ever longer with the terrorist problems, which have beset the aircraft business over the past few years.

Now virtually any quantity of liquid is treated with suspicion and is difficult to send particularly on any passenger plane and it should be remembered that passenger planes still carry a tremendous amount of parcel deliveries to a vast number of countries. Guns and ammunition are an obvious problem and fairly easy to police but there are explosive devices which are built into everyday items and these cannot be sent by parcel post. Some examples of this are car steering wheels, which have an explosive charge to fire the airbag, life rafts and life jackets, which have rapidly inflating systems.

There are also an ever increasing set of explosive devices and weaponry that can be made of non-metallic materials, which do not show up on the normal scanning equipment.

The problems with importing or exporting money are obvious and to avoid this and money laundering the number of items that are restricted from sending in parcels has increased. It is now not possible to export cash, bank notes, currency, vouchers, securities, pre-paid phone card’s, stamps and activated sim cards. The criminal world has understood this problem and expanded their horizons so the list is now expended to take account of negotiable items that come in bearer from such as blank cheques, blank activated credit and debit cards, charge cards, cash dispenser cards and event tickets and a range of similar items can be caught in this legislation.

It is doubtful just how much this would ever stop a money shifting scheme as it is highly unlikely that anyone would ever shift sizeable quantities of cash or its equivalent by means of a parcel carrier as the risks are too great and the claims on losses are not possible. It is almost a system put in place for appearances rather than any real hope of return.

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