Patna – Ancient Patliputra

Patna, ancient PATLIPUTRA, stands as historical icon in the era of the battles. It is an eyewitness which saw lots of kingdom rivals, lots of battle ground conflicts, etc.

With passage of time the place has undergone vast changes.Situated on the bank of holy river Ganga,the big city of Patna has invariant tastes of life.

If we see the infamous monument “GOLGHAR”, which was used for storing grains in ancient times, it gives a reflection of the past sculpture and architect. One can have a glimpse of the entire city on seeing from the top of the monument. This monument “GOLGHAR”, round dome shaped huge building presents an excellent piece of architecture by GARSTEIN.

Apart from that Patna Museum stores a vast reserves of ancient unearthed monuments as well as ancient arms & ammunition.

This city is the birthplace of Guru Teg Bahadur and the PATAN SAHEB GURUDWARA is the infamous pilgrim of the Sikhs.

If you go through DAASTANE PATLIPUTRA by Ramjee Mishra Manohar,you will find many unrevealed facts buried deep inside the history. Many monuments were undertaken by Archaeological Survey of India after this book was published.

The city of Patna equally has variant types of dishes and its special cuisines. The delicious JALEBI is an awesome preparation of the place. Khaja,Ladoos are some special sweet dishes.

The city has an important place on the Railway map and you can find access to all the places. The trains are available to all nook and corner of the country.

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