Pike Fishing Tackle Checklist

So you have decided that you want to go out fishing for Pike. Here, I present you an essential checklist for an enjoyable day down at the waters edge. I will describe all the various pieces of tackle and other equipment you need for an enjoyable day.


The rod is the most obvious piece of kit needed for pike fishing. Pike rods are generally stronger than standard coarse rods. The reason for this is obvious; Pike tend to be heavier and stronger than your average coarse fish. Your rod needs to be able to deal with the extra strain these predators subject.


The reel is the component which allows you to store, cast and retrieve line. If it malfunctions, you won’t be getting the line out there, if it malfunctions while the line is out then you can say goodbye to your pike as you will likely be cutting your line. This is not just bad for you but also very bad for the fish as the hook can trap its mouth causing the fish to starve to death.

Generally speaking, the more you spend on a reel, the better. Pike reels are also designed to carry the heavier line required for pike fishing. Which brings us to the line itself.


As, hinted at a couple of times above, Pike are heavy, strong fish, Pike line must be strong enough to withstand the weight and fight of the fish. As such, Pike fishing line is generally braided making it much stronger than a single strand. Your local tackle shop will be able to discuss the various option and select the optimal line for the conditions, and your rod and reel.


Your choice of lures is the single most important factor in determining the success of your fishing session. If you employ poor lure selection, you won’t be getting the bites. If you don’t get the bites, you aren’t going to be catching the fish. A successful lure depends on a huge number of factors from time of year, depth of the water body, habits of the fish, time of day and many many more. Pop into your local tackle shop and have a chat. A competent salesman will be able to take all of the variables and point you in the direction of the correct lure for your application.

Other Gear

Landing nets are advisable for getting the fish safely out of the water. Think about it. Would you like to be pulled out of the water solely by a hook in your mouth? Neither do fish, treat the fish with care and respect and they will be there to fish for years to come. Another fish care item is an unhooking mat, these mats keep the fish off the sometimes rocky banks, again protecting them.

If you have money to burn you can spend thousands on Pike tackle and there is something for almost every situation you may come across. Learn from your experiences and be equipped for the next time the situation arises.

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