Pike Fishing Tips You Must Know About

Pike fishing tips focus on the fish itself, the fisherman, and the environment as well as other factors.

An interesting behavior of pike fishes is their playful attitude towards baits and lures. Pike fishes are known to play around the bait upon first bite. They tend to be choosy over food as well despite being heavy feeders. So it is recommended to bring as much varying types of bait as possible. This ensures that different choices of fish lure are offered every time until fishes are completely satisfied.

Baits, lures, and plugs can be a combination of the following: spoons of different varieties, minnows, flukes, and shad tails. The latter three may be live or may be made of plastic. Commercial products such as Mepps spinners, Shad Raps, and Husky Jerks to name a few may also be used.

In relation to the playfulness of this kind of fish, the fisherman must have patience when catching them. When it bites on bait and swims away with it, struggling against the reel immediately is not recommended. It is best to be patient and give the fish a little time to play. It will be back after fiddling with the bait. Aside from the fish and the fisherman, the environment and other factors are included in the list of fishing tips anyone can make use of. In terms of timing, the best time to catch it is in the early morning, early evening, and when the day is generally cloudy before rain pours or a storm hits.

Another addition to a number of valuable fishing tips includes knowing where these types of fishes dwell. Pike fishes are often located on waters where weeds abound. The weeds function as a habitat, provide protection from prey, and are also a feeding ground. Smaller fish are food for this type of species of fish are also found in weedy parts of the waters.

Pike fishing tips for seasonal changes follow one rule: the warmer the season is; the more active fishes become. At which time, the aggressive behavior of these species makes them easier to catch. During fall and winter when temperature begins to cool down, greater patience is required as fishing during this time of the year is less productive than summer and spring are.

As with any other form of fishing, fishing tips also consider the tackle. For pike fishes, the recommended tackle measures between 6 to 8 feet.

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