Popular Bass Fishing Lures

Every angler has his or her opinion about the best bass fishing lures for catching those trophy fish. While there is no definitive magic bass fishing lure that is guaranteed to work at all times. Different lures work for different places, but that being said there are some specific types of bass fishing lures that seem to be the most popular among the general bass fishing anglers, and with many of these lures there is even occasionally a general consensus on what works from best down to acceptable.

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The best bass fishing lures will be ones that resemble food frogs like to eat. This means in a place with tons of lily pads you may want to try a rubber frog, while in areas with lots of minnows rapalas and other related crank baits may be the right choice. Here is an overview of some of the most popular bass fishing lures:

o Rapalas and crank baits. These mimic the movement of minnows both on the surface and under water, giving the bass a moving target that looks like lunch. Another advantage of rapalas is having multiple treble hooks, which increases your chance of hooking the fish after a good hit.

o Plastic worms. These generally find some degree of success almost anywhere since the worm is a major part of a bass fish’s diet. If the locals in an unfamiliar area swear by these, then heed the advice. Preferred over live worms by many since some degree of movement continues with the plastic.

o Jigs. There are several different types of jigs, some more specifically geared towards bass fishing than others. Some are made to look and move like specific types of bass food, such as crawfish, or other fish. Take a look at your specific fishing hole to figure out the best type of jig set up.

o Spinners. These are somewhat similar to rapalas, in that they are supposed to look like a bait fish and are especially popular for going after larger bass.

o Spoons. Spoons can also be used for bass fishing, and on certain lakes are killers, though they tend to be less popular than jigs, worms, and rapalas.

All of these lures in the right circumstances can be used to catch bass. The reason there are so many bass fishing lures is because different lures work in different locations. Bass fishing in Florida is different than bass fishing in Texas, which is different than bass fishing in Iowa. Each area will have its own popular bass fishing lures, and the key to success is matching the perfect bass fishing lure with location and weather conditions. Do that, and you’ll be hauling a healthy stringer in no time.

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