Properly Combining Fly Rods And Fly Reels

Fly rods and reels are the most important equipments for sports fishing. This is the reason why extensive study and development were made on these two parts. These two equipments can easily influence the way fly fishers interact with the water which also contributes to their ability to increase their catch.

Unfortunately, many beginners are lost in understanding the basics because there are too many studies and specifications on each fly rod and fly reel. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics of these components to ensure that the right equipment is purchased.

Selecting the Right Fly Rod

There are only two things every beginner fly fisher should remember when choosing a fly rod: the environment and the target. You have to know the water conditions as well as the common fish targets. A fly rod could be very flexible if less casting is required. Flexibility is also essential if the targets are “fighting” fishes or catches that pulls back after the bite. Other rods are fast acting rods and they only bend at the end. This is recommended for constant casting and they are often lighter because they are usually in motion.

The best type of rod for beginners is the mid-action rods. Even professionals are still sticking to their original mid-actions especially when they are dealing with a constantly changing environment. When you’re selecting mid-action rods, read its weight capability and they are usually listed on the rod itself or on its guide. This is very helpful in choosing the right fly reel that will go with the fly rod.

Choosing the Right Fly Reel

The right fly reel should adjust with the preselected rod. For example, a fast acting rod will require a reel that can easily release its spool while casting. Those who have chosen mid to full action rods should look for fly reels with increased control for faster reel action to quickly pull and adjust to the strength of the fighting catch. For fly rods targeting larger catches such as in off-shore settings, larger reels with the ability to prevent the fish from pulling back the line is highly required.

Aside from considering the compatibility of the fly rods and reels, it is also essential to look for practicality of the selected fly reels. Many forget about the importance of the basic functions of a fly reel as they look for sophisticated specifications. Every fly fisher knows that they just have to look for a reel that can be easily adjusted such as single-button release feature with enough protection but can still breathe to adjust with the spool. Reels with non-corrosive materials are also highly recommended because water can easily destroy the reel by increasing its susceptibility to rust.

Choosing a Combination

There are also fly fishers who started out with a preset combination of fly rods and fly reels. Instead of selecting separately; they purchased a combination from the same manufacturer. This ensures stability of the components as they are already built for each other.

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