Pros and Cons of Using Taser Guns

Taser guns are becoming popular nowadays. It is an electronic device that is used against an assailant to render him or her temporarily paralyzed. The electrical current that is emitted from the device shocks the assailant and disables his motor and sensory nerves. This is quite useful in law enforcement and military wherein death or major injuries can be avoided with the use of this device instead of guns.

Non-lethal Device

Instead of making use of handguns for defense and protection, a stun gun becomes a sounder alternative for it is not fatal like a gunshot. Even if assailants and criminals are dangerous, officers are advised to keep them alive as much as possible, instead of using brute force that may end up in bloodshed. This will provide both protection and defense against such criminals. You can use this at a certain distance without the need to be close to the attacker to immobilize him.

Self-Defense Device

Taser guns are self-defense weapons that can be used by anyone to protect themselves from danger. Compared to pepper sprays, which only hinder the eyesight and cause brief pain to an assailant, a stun gun can instantly immobilize the individual which can last for several seconds, giving anyone enough time to call for help, alert the authorities, or flee from the scene.

Easy to Operate

Knowing how to properly use a taser gun wouldn’t need in-depth training. You just have to make sure that you have read the instructions in the manual and understood the safety measures stated therein. It is as easy as pressing the trigger and releasing immediately to fire the probes toward the assailant.

Availability in Stores

Not all states allow the free use of taser guns; however, many online stores are now selling these to law enforcement officers, military personnel, and civilians alike. In some states and cities, a taser gun is considered a dangerous weapon, and they always require a user to have a permit to carry such device, just like the permit to carry a handgun. There are also other state laws that prohibit the carrying of this device in school grounds and other public or local premises. This would prevent owners from taking advantage of their taser guns and causing harm to other individuals. Before you purchase in stores or online, make sure you review your state laws regarding such devices.

Reported Deaths

While there are great advantages of using taser guns, many controversies come with it. Although many people were fired with a stun gun and didn’t suffer severe side effects, there were reports saying that these are unsafe and have caused deaths in various incidents. Even Taser International, the manufacturer, received various lawsuits questioning the safety of using their products. That is the reason why there are still strict laws prohibiting the use of tasers in various states. Law enforcement, however, has been enjoying the benefits that stun guns have provided. The reduced number of officer injuries is derived from the proper use of this device.

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