Pulsar Challenger GS Gen 1+ Night Vision Weapon Kit

Night vision products are evolving at an ever increasing pace.

The advent of digital night vision for example has heralded a new age in night vision technology but has made it more accessible to a wider audience at a greatly reduced price. However, you still couldn't call digital night vision "cheap" and there is still very much a market for night vision devices using conventional image intensifier tubes. People who hunt at night have traditionally employed various lamping techniques using colored filters etc. to hunt their quarry.

This form of hunting can be challenging at the best of times and good results require plenty of patience, experience and time. However traditional lamping is relatively cheap with descent lamping equipment available for between £ 70 to £ 150. However, despite the price of NV equipment there has still a growing shift towards the use of night vision technology which saves valuable time and effort and has the potential to give a much greater return. Despite the growth of this market night vision still remains the preserve of those who either hunt on a very regular basis and have access to a dedicated rifle for night time use as re-zeroing would be necessary each time a day scope is switched with a NV scope.

Fitting a night vision device using an adapter to attach to a day scope is not something new. There have been a few models on the market over the past few years, but all have been very expensive and have not lived up to expectation. This has either been due to the quality of the day scope to which the NV scope and adaptor have been fitted to or the quality of the image produced by the NV device itself. Pulsar have thus come up with a very cost effective solution.

The Pulsar Challenger 1×20 Gen1 + Super monocular with DSA (Day Scope Adaptor) is fitted with Pulsar's own 5 lens eyepiece which minimizes distortion at the edges of the field of view and also increases sharpness and contrast of the image as a whole. No other Gen 1+ device comes close for image quality. The Pulsar Challenger GS monocular itself is operated by a single switch which activates the device and built in IR illuminator.

The DSA (Day Scope Adaptor) fits onto the Challenger GS NV monocular and attaches to the eyepiece of your day scope. The exceptional image quality provided by the challenger GS monocular ensures that the image produced through the day scope is as good as it gets at night. Useable range in ideal conditions (quarter moon and man sized target) is 100m when used in conjunction with Pulsar's own high power IR Flashlight, which is beyond the capability of other Gen 1 NV devices at twice the price.

Priced at £ 295 incl. Vat., The Pulsar Challenger GS 1×20 DSA weapon kit represents excellent value for money. If you require increased range, then you need to opt for the Challenger GS kit with optional high power IR flashlight which is priced at £ 379 incl. Vat. and is still an exceptional bargain. To get the best performance we recommend you use a day scope with parallax adjustment or side focus.

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