Raising A Beagle In An Apartment

Have you brought a Beagle to your apartment? Read on for the best way to facilitate the adjustment period as well as the essential training that you need to provide your Beagle with.

If you thought raising a Beagle in an apartment was boring and methodical, think again. It does take some time for both the dog and its owner to get used to each other. Once an understanding is reached, the Beagle becomes part of the household. It understands how to adjust with other members, follow instructions, and demonstrate unusual skills.

Can A Beagle Really Adjust?

A Beagle is a hound though smaller in size. You will be expecting too much, if you think the dog will remain calm and quiet in an apartment without enough exercise. Simply put, the more you take the dog out the happier it stays, leading to a calm demeanor. Many people have the feeling a Beagle cannot be raised in an apartment. The truth is the dog is adjustable but needs to be part of your household.

A definite hierarchy must be created in the apartment. For example, you become the Alpha leader for the Beagle. Your family members fit in different parts of the hierarchy according to a pattern created at the initial stages. In your absence, the family members in different order of hierarchy may be able to demand obedience from the dog. It is a natural phenomenon and must be encouraged. The Beagle is lovable and peaceful and will not disturb harmony. It does have a sharp yelp which may be disturbing at times. Exercising the dog regularly resolves the yelping problem as well.

Training The Dog To Bark Only When Necessary

Beagles are naturally inclined to bark as a hunting dog does. You just cannot expect the dog to remain quiet all the times. If there is disturbance, it barks to draw your attention as the leader. If you are unable to establish yourself as the Alpha leader, the dog does whatever is needed to get rid of the disturbance. In most cases, the Beagle barks incessantly until it feels the problem is resolved. The secret of keeping a Beagle in an apartment therefore is to take command.

Train the Beagle to follow several non-verbal commands instinctively. The dog adjusts to a leash easier as a pup. It learns to chew at dog bones and leaves costly household articles alone. Crate training, diet plans, obedience training, and curbing the chasing habit comes with practice. The Beagle is really an outdoor dog and will demonstrate resentment if kept Indoors for a long time. Raising a Beagle indoors therefore becomes easier, if you take the dog out for walks at least three times a day.

A Beagle Is Small Enough For An Apartment

Beagles are small enough to adjust in an apartment in terms of size. They may run around and play provided enough space is available. Some apartments are larger than others and afford the dog more space. Basic requirements like permanent place to have food or rest in a crate need to be fulfilled in the case of a Beagle. If you do not mind the dog running around and jumping over the bed on occasions, you have a pet that does not need motivation to devote itself to you and your household. The Beagle in an apartment is a loyal dog and will provide excitement and joy to everyone it comes across.

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