Red Dot And Holographic Sights – Some Interesting Facts

Apparently, both red dot and holographic sights appear similar. But a closer look shows how they differ from each other in more than one way. The holographic sights function by using the hologram technology packed in a durable construct design. They are perfect for use in extreme conditions. The red dot sights use the LED technology to create the reticle. However, there are similarities too. For example both are dependent on batteries. As far as brands are concerned, Aimpoint ranks as a widely used red dot sight whereas Eotech holographic sights are quite common. It seems that these sights from Eotech were used by the US military in tracking down Bin Laden.

How do these work?

As a riflescope both are used by the shooters across the world. But it always helps when you have a clear idea about how they function. The hologram technology in the holographic sights record as well as reconstruct the light field as it bounces away due to a 3D object. When this is done, it allows the storing of information that is actually preserved. The recording also allows several viewing directions simultaneously. The viewer changes the perspective by simply moving his or her head.

Both differ in the way they function

For sight mechanism both of them are quite popular choices. However, it would be impossible to jot down the differences by simple inspection. The primary difference lies in the way they function. A red dot or reflex sight uses the LED (low power) that helps in creating the reticle. The holographic sight, on the other hand, uses powerful laser rays to detect the reticle. This makes the biggest impact on the battery life. Since the holographic sight consumes more power, the batteries die faster when compared to the red dot sights. So next time you compare the battery performance and claim that Aimpoints perform better, take into account this factor. It is, thus, advisable to turn your Eotech holographic sights off when you are not using them. It helps in saving the batteries.

Parallax distortion

One of the biggest issues with red dots is that they are subjected to parallax distortion. The holographic sights enjoy complete freedom from this issue. Parallax problems occur when the eye is not aligned perfectly with the sight. As the distance increases, the problem is more pronounced. The reticle in the holographic devices manages such misalignments. Hence, errors owing to the parallax distortions reduce even for longer shots.


The holographic devices are more complex and bulkier as compared to the red dots. Moreover, these are not really immune to the temperature fluctuations as compared to the red dot devices.

Both these devices are expensive and used by professionals worldwide. Eotech holographic devices are commonly found in the tactical gears of the military. Shooters who are fascinated by the optical accessories often opt for these devices due to their precision. At the end of the day it is all about the usage. Whether you are going with holographic or red dot devices depends on the way you will apply them.

Summary – The articles discusses the main differences between holographic and red dot sights. Both the devices are popular riflescopes but how do you know which one to choose? This article might help to guide the users.

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