Sea Fishing Tackle Review: Greys G-Series Spin 9′ Bass Rod

As a serious angler, I’m always looking to learn about the fish I’m seeking. I recently began sea fishing for bass, but not before I did a bit of research on the species. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, a vast Internet encyclopaedia, the name bass applies to several different species of game fish in the order Perciformes (perch-like fishes)? In fact, Wikipedia tells us that the word “bass” comes from the Middle English “pers,” which means “perch.” Bass are found in both fresh and salt water, but I much prefer the sea. So, now that I’ve gone on a bit about the fish, I’d like to share some sea fishing tackle tips. Tip number one? The Greys G-Series Spin 9′ bass rod gives me exceptional results.

About the Greys G-Series Spin 9′ Bass Rod

This rod is great for shore bass fishing using a variety of lures, including deep diving plugs and surface poppers. The weather often doesn’t stop me when I’m out for bass, so I do appreciate this rod’s quality Greys rods are great for extreme conditions. A word about Greys: This company is in the forefront of fishing tackle design. They have invested years of research and development in creating leading edge products using the only best materials. There’s a comprehensive range of superior Greys rods available for every type of fishing imaginable. Whether you prefer a conventional or heavy duty model, Greys rods are worth a serious look.

More Details and Specifications

Another feature I like about this Greys G-Series rod is its compact size that in no way compromises performance. Greys is a major name in the fishing tackle industry and the G-Series line draws upon all the company’s expertise to deliver a full-featured bass rod for an extremely affordable price that’s under £65.00. I find myself reaching for this rod when I’m planning to use heavy lures. It has a powerful, progressive action that works in a variety of bass fishing venues and conditions. I especially appreciate all the quality touches and sturdy fittings found on this Greys rod, but honestly, I wouldn’t expect any less from this legendary brand. This is undoubtedly a superior quality build with a high power to weight ratio. It has features you’d find in much more expensive rods, such as a graphite reel seat. Backed by Greys unconditional lifetime warranty, you’ll find yourself reaching for this rod often.

Sea Tackle Recommendations

Pair this rod with one of the reels in the Abu Garcia Cardinal 300 line for the ultimate bass fishing gear set-up. For lures, consider a sidewinder sand eel pearl, an ultra-realistic lure with inbuilt holographic inserts. The lure is fitted with Mustad hooks and it creates an irresistible vibration in the water. Another good choice is the Yo-Zuri crystal minnow suspender with 3D eyes and raised moulded gill plate.

When you’re shopping for sea fishing tackle, a quality rod like the Greys G-Series Spin 9′ bass rod is a great foundation piece.

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